Since the beginning of my studies of psychology I have been fascinated by the way technology can generate perceptual experiences. To investigate this, I developed three main lines of research during my doctoral thesis and in my time as a post-doctoral fellow: social interaction in mixed reality, simulation of perceptual distortions, and perception of technological innovation. My research is thus located at the interface of psychology and technology.

In my previous research, I was concerned with the investigation of social interaction within Virtual Reality (VR). VR allows to create highly controlled and realistic conditions. For example, I was able to show that people with psychopathic traits have difficulties in regulating their interpersonal distance to virtual persons.

With my studies in the context of VR, personality and social interaction I did preliminary work for the use of VR in the diagnosis and therapy of psychological disorders as well as for the expansion of the repertoire of methods in basic psychological research. The potential of this preliminary work was demonstrated by successful publications in eading journals such as “Clinical Psychological Science” and “European Eating Disorders Review”.